When it comes to bicycle lights there are a huge selection to choose from. Not only is there different designs, but different technologies cater for different needs. However, the majority converge on the same basic elements.  In this post we hope to explain the current state of technology to help you understand the benefits and application of today’s technology.

Cycling to and from work can take you into the twilight zone and beyond, even more so during winter. Although having a good light will help to fill in the dark spots made by missing lamp posts and help you avoid that pothole or broken beer bottle, the main objective for a commuter is to be seen. Flashlights typically have a narrow and more focused beam which is suitable for commuters who travel in a straight line. A flashlight with a bike mount would work very well, but even more ideal is an integrated light that is USB rechargeable. If you are riding on lit roads your light requirements will be quite low. A real +100 lumen flashlight would be adequate. If it is USB rechargeable you can easily recharge the light once you reach your workplace or home.

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